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Did you receive sub-standard medical care? Were you involved in an accident with injuries?  Have you been arrested and charged with a crime? Are you the victim of police brutality? Do you have an immigration concern? Are you the target or subject of a federal investigation? Serrano PC offers premier legal representation for individuals and businesses and vigorously represents those with cases involving medical malpracticepersonal injury, civil rights, police brutality, DUIwhite collar crime, felony or misdemeanor offenses, and immigration law.

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We never give up and we will persistently fight for your goals. You will receive the highest level of personalized service at a reasonable fee. We have the experience to guide clients through the vast and sometimes complicated web of challenges found in many cases. Serranolegal.com is updated frequently with developments in the law and relevant news articles. Please check back regularly for new information. Scroll down on this page to read more about us.

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Miguel Serrano

About The Firm

Serrano PC provides exceptional and personalized legal representation that only a small law firm can offer. We have significant experience handling complex civil litigation and representing clients in criminal matters. Our firm focuses on a broad range of cases including medical malpractice, personal injury, civil rights, police brutality, white collar crime, DUI, criminal defense, and immigration law.  Español.

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