Medical Malpractice: Objects Left in Patients and Sewage in Kitchen

Click above on the headline to read about terrifying news in a Houston hospital where the horrors just keep adding up. Patients have died due to improper and unsanitary blood transfusions and sewage and mold has been found in the hospital’s kitchen.


A patient was unceremoniously discharged from Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C.  Rather than ensuring her safe return home, the patient was dumped from a wheelchair and left lying on the ground outside the hospital.  According to news reports, the hospital has paid out $27 million in medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits since 2007. Read More »

Visiting Cuba, Exporting Products to Cuba

Visiting Cuba and exporting products to Cuba just became much less complicated.  In an effort to help the private sector in Cuba, the Departments of Treasury and Commerce have implemented new travel and trade regulations, as announced by the President on December 17, 2014.  The changes became effective on January 16, 2015. Travel to Cuba Read More »

Recovering Cuban Stolen Property

With full diplomatic relations looming between the United States and Cuba, many are dreaming and planning for the day when they will be able to reclaim property seized and stolen by the Cuban government in the early days of Castro’s revolution.  Will Bacardi seek to return to Cuba?  Will Coca-Cola claim their bottling plant? Will Read More »