Washington DC Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Money laundering charges are serious federal offenses and occur when the government accuses someone of attempting to conceal or disguise the source of money obtained through illegal activity.  It is sometimes associated with terrorism activities and organized crime and so federal prosecutors aggressively pursue these types of cases.  Prison sentences can be lengthy, fines can be very steep and the government may seek to seize additional assets through asset forfeiture procedures.

A vigorous defense of money laundering charges requires synthesizing voluminous amounts of information quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  The federal laws and sentencing guidelines (which may involve mandatory prison time) can be complicated which make it important to hire an attorney who understands the details.

Examples of Money Laundering Schemes

Wire Fraud–  This refers to any electronic transfer of money meant to conceal or disguise funds derived from illegal activity.

Real Estate Money Laundering–  This is a complicated area which generally involves illegal flipping of real estate in order to launder money.  For more information, please visit our Real Estate Fraud page.

Corporate– There are a variety of schemes involving corporate money laundering such as commingling cash deposits with those from illegitimate sources, bulk deposits in offshore accounts in order to conceal identity and structuring.  Structuring refers to breaking up cash into smaller deposits for the purpose of disgusting its true source.

Tax Evasion–  This frequently occurs at the same timer as money laundering because the individual is also charged with under-reporting income.

Contact an Attorney Before You Speak with Law Enforcement 

Contact Serrano PC today to obtain more information.  If you have been contacted by law enforcement, it is essential that you contact an attorney before you speak to anyone.  If you are currently under investigation or have already been charged, contact us today.  We can help straighten things out.  We will work hard to protect your rights and to mount an aggressive defense against money laundering charges and to convince the authorities that your financial transactions are lawful and the source of your money is legitimate.  In some cases, we can help prevent the investigation from turning into an indictment.  However, it is critical that you speak to an attorney immediately.

Information and Links to Federal Statutes and Sentencing Guidelines

If convicted of money laundering pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1956, the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison.  For those offenses pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1957, the maximum prison sentence is 10 years.  In both cases, there are also hefty fines involved.  Please click HERE for more information.

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