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Permanent Residence Via Employment

We provide expert immigration advice to our clients. As Global Business Immigration Lawyers, clients include employers and businesses, academics, scientists, artists and athletes from around the world. Our practice includes the representation of many seeking an EB-1 visa, an L visa and an EB-2 for business start-ups. The firm also represents families seeking reunification with visas, residency applications and citizenship. We are closely monitoring President Biden’s immigration reform plan and provides frequent updates on this website.

Temporary Nonimmigrant Work Visas

Our firm represents individuals, businesses, employees, students, writers and many others obtain a temporary nonimmigrant work visa.  

A temporary nonimmigrant work visa is offered to those in business, science, media, sports and athletics. When your visa expires, you must leave the United States unless you have applied for Legal Permanent Residency.

Our firm helps businesses and organizations with a myriad of immigration concerns. Whether the business is a multinational corporation, a non-profit or a small or medium-sized business, we can provide the guidance needed to navigate the complex world of U.S. immigration law.

Consular Processing for Business Immigration

United States consulates and embassies throughout the world process both immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications. An immigrant visa qualifies an applicant for Permanent Residency.  A non-immigrant visa is for applicants who want to reside temporarily in the United States for employment or some other limited purpose. For example, treaty traders or investors, students, visitors, temporary professionals, exchange visitors, fiancés of U.S. citizens, intra-company transferees and family members.

Our firm has extensive experience in representing individuals interested in any of these visas. Please click on the links located in the right-hand margin for more information.

E-1: International Trade

E-2: Investors and Essential Workers

E-3: Specialty Visa for Australian Professional Workers

F-1: Students

H-1B: Professional Workers

H-2A: Agricultural Workers

H-2B: Temporary or Seasonal Workers

I: Journalists and Reporters

J-1: Trainees and Exchange Visitors

L-1A: Multinational Company Managers, Executives and

L-1B: Multinational Company Workers w/ Specialized Knowledge

M-1: Vocational Students

O-1: Persons of Extraordinary Abilities in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics

P-1: Entertainers, Athletes and Artists

R-1: Religious Workers

TN: Specialty Visa for Canadian and Mexican Professional Workers

Total Dedication for Business Immigration Clients

Regardless of your business immigration concern, you can count on our experience and dedication.

Our immigration law firm can assist you with obtaining permanent residency, citizenship, marriage-based adjustment, work or other type of visas, deportation defense and asylum. An immigration lawyer can also assist your business immigration issues by obtaining a Professional Foreign Workers Visa (H-1B), a Temporary Nonagricultural Workers Visa (H-2B), a Temporary Visitor for Business (B-1), a student visa, a visa for Persons of Extraordinary Ability (O-1) and others.

Please contact us for more information about your business immigration concern so that we may determine and then pursue your best option.

With our firm on your side, you will have an immigration lawyer directly available to you.

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