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Permanent Residency Through Employment

An employment based immigrant visa is a popular path towards Legal Permanent Residency and eventually citizenship. In fact, there are a variety of employment based immigrant visas available to qualified applicants.

For those applicants that are currently in the United States, an immigrant visa is immediately available as an EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 immigrant if you meet specific requirements. You would adjust status by filing Form I-485 without leaving the United States.

Why Should Your Lawyer Monitor the Visa Bulletin?

The Visa Bulletin is published monthly by the Department of State. It contains a list of the dates on which visas become available according to the type of visa and the country in which the U.S. embassy is located. There is a very long delay in the issuance of visas at embassies and consulates worldwide. Therefore, it is critical to study the bulletin with your lawyer because it may help you decide the appropriate visa to pursue. There are often quotas associated with visas that vary from from country to country. If you understand how a quota affects your case, you will have the information you need to to pursue the right visa. 

What are the categories of employment based immigrant visas?

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EB-1—Priority Workers such as those with extraordinary ability; multinational executives

EB-2—Advanced Degree Workers; National Interest Waivers

EB-3—Skilled and Unskilled Workers

EB-4—Special Immigrants


Labor Certifications and I-9 Compliance

Our firm provides employment immigration services for businesses that want to hire employees from abroad. In fact, we acquire labor certifications for foreign national employees and ensure compliance with the I-9 process.

The employment-based immigration process aimed at Permanent Residency begins with labor certification. Our firm is experienced in guiding your business throughout this process.

Total Dedication

Whether you are interested in an employment based immigrant visa or you have another immigration concern, you can count on our experience and dedication.

Please contact us for more information about your case so that we may fully evaluate your case and then pursue your best option.

With your employment based visa, you can lawfully enter the country and then you must maintain legal status while in the United States. This allows you to remain legally in the United States until the expiration date of your visa as shown on your I-94.

With our firm on your side, you will have an immigration lawyer directly available to you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Mitchell & Serrano provides expert immigration advice and total dedication to our clients. As Global Business Immigration Lawyers, clients generally include employers, academics, scientists, artists and athletes seeking visas. Likewise, the firm represents many seeking an EB-1 visa, an L visa and an EB-2 for business start-ups. We are closely monitoring President Biden’s immigration reform plan and provides frequent updates on this website.