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Temporary Nonimmigrant Work Visas for Members of an Internationally Recognized Group

A nonimmigrant visa grants you temporary stay in the United States. When your visa expires, you must leave the United States unless you have applied for Legal Permanent Residency.

The P-1B visa is available to members of an entertainment group that has existed for at least one year and been recognized internationally as outstanding.

What are the qualifications for the P-1B classification?

In order to qualify for the P-1B entertainment temporary nonimmigrant work visa, you must show that the entertainment group is internationally recognized. It is the group’s reputation, rather than any individual achievements, that is relevant to the application process for the visa.

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What about support personnel?

Front office personnel, camera operators, lighting technicians and stage personnelare eligible for P-1 temporary nonimmigrant work visa. They must be considered to be an integral part of the performance of a P-1B entertainment nonimmigrant visa holder. In addition, the duties they perform must be those that could not easily be performed by a U.S. worker.

Family of P-1B Visa Holders

The spouse and children under 21 of a P-1B visa holder may enter the United States with a P-4 visa. However, they are not entitled to work authorization. They may instead pursue educational goals.

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