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Our immigration law firm represents businesses and industries world-wide by designing practical solutions to the challenges they face. With decades of experience, our firm can help your business solve the complex world of U.S. immigration law.

We represent investors seeking an E-B5 visa, either by investing in a regional center or directly in a qualified business. We represent families and those in business, academia, journalism, arts and other professionals from all over the world. You can count on our global immigration law firm to design creative solutions that meet your goals. 

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Consular Processing

Our immigration law firm can assist you with obtaining permanent residency, citizenship, marriage-based adjustment, work or other type of visas, deportation defense and asylum. An immigration lawyer can also assist your business immigration issues by obtaining a Professional Foreign Workers Visa (H-1B), a Temporary Visa (H-2B), a Temporary Visitor for Business (B-1), a Foreign Trainee Worker (J-1), a Student Visa (F1-F3, M1-M3 or J1-J2), a visa for Persons of Extraordinary Ability (O-1), and Investors (E).

For more information and a free initial consultation, reach out to us at 202-330-6290 or info@serranolegal.com.


Our immigration law firm provides representation for companies abroad and here at home. Whether the business is a multinational corporation, a non-profit or a small or medium-sized business, we can provide the guidance needed to navigate the complex world of U.S. immigration law.

If you are a foreign investor, we can assist you in with all of your requests for employment visas. We can also ensure that the appropriate applications are submitted at a consulate office or U.S. embassy.  Contact an immigration lawyer today if you are operating a multi-national corporation. We can help you with the transfer of valuable employees to the United States.


An EB-5 visa allows foreign businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain U.S. residency.

Individuals that invest $1.8 million have to show that they are actively managing a business in the United States for two years.  In addition, the business must create ten full-time jobs for workers in the United States. There is a separate allotment of visas for individuals investing $900,000.  Call us for more information at 202-330-6290 or info@serranolegal.com.

In EB-5 cases, qualified investors receive conditional residency valid for two years.  When the two-year period has elapsed, the investor must submit an application on Form I-829 with USCIS in order to prove that the invested funds were used for the business and that ten full-time jobs were created for workers in the United States. If these requirements are met, then the individual is granted permanent residency.

Qualifying Investors

Obtaining an EB-5 visas is quite complicated. For example, investors are required to prove that the capital at issue was legally obtained. The Form I-526 must be submitted to immigration officials in order to determine the legality of money invested. The USCIS will examine the source of an investor’s money and similar issues.

Our immigration law firm provides investors with guidance to ensure that they meet all the stringent requirements for this visa.  We will assist you every step of the way.


We can help immigrants take the steps necessary to obtain full citizenship. We will guide you every step of the way as your journey leads you to the ultimate goal of being a full-fledged U.S. citizen.

If you are married to a U.S. citizen we will ensure that you receive all the rights you deserve.

Asylum & Convention Against Torture

We can represent you in your quest to seek political asylum in the United States.

You must file your application within one year of entering the United States and you must demonstrate a fear of persecution in your country.

There are some exceptions to the one-year rule if you can show extraordinary circumstances.

You many also seek relief under the convention against torture act or you may apply for withholding of removal.  Please call us for more information and a thorough evaluation of your case.

Removal Proceedings In Court

We represent individuals in court facing removal proceedings. In addition, we represent individuals in bond hearing proceedings and detained clients. Contact us today at 202-330-6290 and get in touch with an immigration lawyer.  We may be able to stop removal proceedings by obtaining relief in court.

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How do I get a Waiver?

If you are an applicant seeking permanent residence, you may be able to obtain a waiver of certain criminal conduct or other immigration violations by proving that your spouse or parent (who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident) is experiencing hardship.

An immigration lawyer will investigate and determine if you qualify by doing a thorough analysis of your situation. Generally, your home country cannot object and you may have to show that your spouse or child would face hardship if you had to return home.

If you are inadmissible to the United States based upon a prior immigration violation or due to a criminal conviction, please contact us today. We may be able to file for a nonimmigrant visa waiver. This will waive the ground of inadmissibility and allow you to enter the United States.

Many inadmissibility grounds may be waived by the nonimmigrant visa waiver. First, though, the application must be approved by immigration. Contact an immigration lawyer today for more information.


Regardless of your immigration concern, you can count on our experience and dedication.

Please contact us for more information about your case so that we may determine and then pursue your best option.

With our firm on your side, you will have an immigration lawyer directly available to you. Contact us at 202-330-6290 or info@serranolegal.com for a free initial consultation.

What is an O Visa?

These are provided to individuals with “extraordinary ability” in the arts, science, education, business and athletics.  O visas are issued for three years but they may be extended for one-year periods.


What is a G-1 Visa?

A diplomatic nonimmigrant visa for the principal representative of a foreign government at a United Nations Organization or an International Mission.

What is a G-2 Visa?

A diplomatic nonimmigrant visa for the accredited representatives of recognized foreign governments at a United Nations Organization or an International Mission.

What is a G-3 Visa?

A diplomatic nonimmigrant visa for the representatives of unrecognized foreign governments at a United Nations Organization or an International Mission

What is a G-4 Visa?

Employees of International Organizations (for example: World Bank, International Monetary Fund).

What is a G-5 Visa?

This is a nonimmigrant visa permitting U.S. entry of the attendants, servants, au pairs or personal employees of principal G visa holders.  A G-5 visa is valid for three years.

How does someone with a J-1 Visa obtain a Green Card?

If your J-1 visa has a two-year foreign residency requirement, then you must return home for two years before applying for the green card.  Under Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.), you may have to return home and be physically present in your home country for two years before applying.

How do I know if I am required to return home for 2 years?

Your visa stamp will include a statement about this restriction.  And you can also see your form DS-2019.

Does the issue of immigration intent matter?

When someone applies for the J-1 visa, they must prove that they have the intent to return home once they complete the purpose of their trip.  In other words, they cannot intend to become an immigrant at the time of the visa application.

Sometimes things change, such as marrying a U.S. citizen or finding an employer that wants to sponsor you for a green card.  If you find new employment, you may be able to change your status to H-1B.

I have a J-1 Visa and plan to marry a U.S. citizen.  Can I get a green card?

You may be required to return home first.  If you are subject to the 2-year foreign residency requirement, then you will have to return home.  You can always apply for a waiver.

I checked my J-1 Visa and it says: “Two Year Rule Does Not Apply.”  Can I get a green card without going home?

Yes, if you marry a U.S. citizen you will be able to apply to adjust status immediately.  You can then obtain a green card without returning home.