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Our firm can provide you with the critical information and expert representation you need for an H-1B visa.  The government issues an H-1B visa to foreign individuals with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in order to work in the United States. H-1B visas last for 3 years and the recipient of an H-1B visa is in non-immigrant status but is eligible to apply for Legal Permanent Residency in the future.

The USCIS accepts these visa applications on April 1 of each year. Visas are then issued in October of the same year. We highly recommend that you apply promptly as the issuance of the visas is limited.


  • A United States employer will sponsor a foreign individual and a make job offer.
  • The position must be filled by someone with a four-year college degree or its equivalent.
  • The position must offer a salary that is consistent with other similarly situated employees.
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