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Our firm represents  families, individuals and businesses interested in obtaining immigrant visas. 

Immigrant visas are either family-based or for business and employment reasons.

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EB-1—Priority Workers such as those with extraordinary ability; multinational executives

EB-2—Advanced Degree Workers; National Interest Waivers

EB-3—Skilled and Unskilled Workers

EB-4—Special Immigrants (Religious, Battered Spouses)



FB-1—unmarried/adult children of a United States citizen.

FB-2—spouses of lawful permanent residents, their unmarried children; unmarried children of lawful permanent residents.

FB-3—married children of a United States citizen.

FB-4—siblings of adult United States citizen


Regardless of your immigration concern, you can count on our experience and dedication.

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With your visa, you can lawfully enter the country and then you must maintain legal status while in the United States. This allows you to remain legally in the United States until the expiration date of your visa as shown on your I-94.

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