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Our firm represents individuals, businesses, employees, students, writers and many others obtain a non-immigrant visa. 

A non-immigrant visa grants you temporary stay in the United States. It is offered to those in business, pursuing educational goals, tourists and many others as shown below. When your  visa expires, you must leave the United States unless you have applied for Legal Permanent Residency.

We can also help your business with immigration concerns. Whether the business is a multinational corporation, a non-profit or a small or medium-sized business, we can provide the guidance needed to navigate the complex world of U.S. immigration law.


B-1/B-2—Tourists / Business

E-1—International Trade Employees


E-3—Australian Professional Employees


H-1B—Professional Employees

H-2B—Seasonal Employees

H-3—Professional Trainees

J-1—Academic Trainees

K-1—Fiancé of United States citizen

L-1—Multinational Employees

O-1—Persons of Extraordinary Abilities

P-1—Athletes and Entertainers

R-1—Religious Workers

TN—Canadian and Mexican Professional Workers


Non-Immigrant Visa

Regardless of your immigration concern, you can count on our experience and dedication.

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