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An emergency room visit is not something that anyone looks forward to doing.  We rush to the emergency room for a sudden injury, an irregular heart beat, difficulty breathing or other serious and unexpected reasons. When we arrive, we don’t see familiar faces such as our primary doctor or nurses and other staff who work in our doctor’s office. Instead, we are met with many strange faces hurriedly approaching us and moving from place to place. It can be a jarring experience for many people.

Many emergency room doctors provide excellent care as they must quickly grasp lots of information in a very short period of time. However, on some occasions their inability to fully review a patient’s full medical history can impact the quality of care that is offered. Emergency room doctors also have many distractions given the requirement to engage in next-level multi-tasking. These distractions sometimes contribute to medical mistakes.

Our firm helps persons who have suffered a serious injury as a result of emergency room medical errors. If there was a critical medical error during your emergency room visit, our medical experts and lawyers will find it. Our job is to then hold the negligent party responsible for causing a serious medical condition.

Examples of Emergency Room Medical Malpractice

Failure to misdiagnose heart attack symptoms
Medication errors
Failure to correctly assess a patient in triage
Failure to Properly Diagnose
Failure of Treatment
Failure of Proper Testing
Errors in Medical Chart Interpretation

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If you suffered a serious injury due to emergency room errors and medical negligence, then you must act quickly and contact a medical malpractice law firm. There is a time limit for filing a lawsuit.

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