The best part about going to the hospital is leaving the hospital. No one looks forward to being admitted and spending days or weeks hospitalized. If we are sick, we expect the highest level of health care possible to heal us and send us home. When we check in for a procedure, we rely upon highly trained and skilled health care professionals to treat us. We look forward to the great day of discharge.

However, injuries are always a risk during a hospital stay. Sometimes preventable mistakes happen and a patient suffers a serious injury.

Our firm helps persons who have suffered a serious injury as a result of hospital malpractice. If there was a critical medical error during your admission, our medical experts and lawyers will find it. Our job is to then hold the negligent party responsible for causing a serious medical condition.

What Are Examples of Hospital Malpractice?

Generally, a nurse is an employee of a hospital. If a nurse’s negligence causes injury to a patient, then the hospital can be responsible. Thus, a patient would seek to hold the hospital liable for medical malpractice.  

Hospitals are responsible when its employee’s fail to administer correct medication or when a patient receives a higher dosage of medication than is required. If a patient is not properly monitored by staff and doesn’t receive the level of care expected of a quality hospital and then suffers an injury, the hospital could be responsible for malpractice.

These employee failures could be committed by nurses, physicians, technicians or other medical personnel. A hospital is responsible for a patient’s injury when one of its employees is negligent. In addition, poor management and a failure of the administration to create standards of care and safety protocols could result in the medical facility itself being held responsible for a patient’s injury.

Total Dedication

If you suffered a serious injury, then you must act quickly and contact a medical malpractice law firm. There is a time limit for filing a lawsuit.

Please contact us for more information about your case so that we may determine the best course of action.

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