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A claim of medical malpractice based upon improper treatment occurs when a medical facility or health care professional fails to follow standard medical procedures and deviates from the standard of care.

Our firm has successfully pursued claims of this nature against doctors and hospitals. For example, a failure to perform adequate testing or to monitor a condition can lead to being injured and suffering. Contact us for more information about your injury. 

Why Do Errors of Improper Treatment Occur?

Common examples among medical personnel include:

Failure of communication among hospital staff.
Failure to monitor or failure to prescribe correct medication.

What Are Some Examples?

  • Failure to perform required testing
  • Failure to assess or detect your condition
  • Failure to adequately monitor your condition
  • Failure to properly inform you regarding available treatments
  • Failure to timely treat a medical condition
  • Failure to provide follow-up treatment
  • Failure to provide adequate specialist referral
  • Early discharge

What Happens If I Receive Improper Treatment?

delay your recovery
worsen your condition
cause you to undergo unnecessary surgery or invasive procedure
emotional trauma
financial loss

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