Dental Malpractice Law Firm in Washington DC and Maryland

Most of us would be hard pressed to name someone who looks forward to visiting the dentist. It is one of those things we must do in order to maintain good health. The last thing on our minds when we visit our specialist is that we might suffer injuries from dental malpractice.

Many dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons provide excellent care. When we visit a dentist, we are usually in and out, knowing we won’t return for a good six months.

However, injuries are always a risk during dental procedures. Sometimes mistakes happen and a patient suffers a serious injury.

Our firm helps persons who have suffered a serious injury as a result of dental malpractice. If there was a critical medical error during your visit to the dentist or orthodontist, our medical experts and lawyers will find it. Our job is to then hold the negligent party responsible for causing a serious medical condition.

What Are Examples of Dental Malpractice?

nerve damage
cosmetic dentistry errors
loss or broken tooth
implant errors
Anesthesia errors
Misdiagnosis of oral disease
Root canal injury

Total Dedication

If you suffered a serious injury due to dental malpractice or some form of odontology, then you must act quickly and contact a medical malpractice law firm. There is a time limit for filing a lawsuit.

Please contact us for more information about your case so that we may determine the best course of action.

You can count on our total dedication to you. We rely on the best experts to help us evaluate your case. With our firm on your side, you will have an attorney directly available to you.  Contact us at 202-330-6290 or for a free initial consultation.