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Our firm helps persons who have suffered an injury due to ophthalmology errors. If you suffered a medical injury after a trip to the eye doctor, contact us. If there was a critical medical error that caused your injury, our medical experts and lawyers will find it.

A failure to diagnose a medical condition could lead to serious injuries. If your ophthalmologist failed to provide you with the type of care expected of a qualified doctor in a similar situation, let us know. We closely review all medical records to determine whether your doctor’s care was the cause of your injury or loss. 

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What Are Examples of Medical Negligence Causing Eye Injuries?

Improper Documentation

A failure to document test results, general observations, patient questions and concerns and possible treatments may lead to negligent action. Consider the ophthalmologist that fails to write down a patient’s concern about glare impacting her vision. If the condition worsens, it leads to additional problems and unanticipated procedures. This leads to a patient suffering. Effective documentation is a key ingredient that leads to fewer preventable mistakes.

Lack of informed consent

Patients have a right to know exactly what their ophthalmologist is recommending and the risks associated with any surgery or other medical procedure. However, an informed consent document is insufficient if it merely contains your signature without adequate details. Your doctor should ensure that you reviewed the details of the procedure. The form should also indicate that you had a full opportunity to ask specific questions. 

Failure to diagnose detached retina

Recent studies have shown that the most common misdiagnosis involves failure to diagnose a detached retina. Generally, this is due to the ophthalmologist’s failure at identifying risk factors likely to cause a detached retina. In some cases, these preventable errors are due to a lack of effort to obtain a patient’s history or to perform a needed exam.

Poor Teamwork 

Negligence often occurs in a medical office culture that lacks excellent communication practices. Medical staff should educate patients about recognizing symptoms and to encourage them about the importance of immediate reporting. Medical staff must receive training to recognize warning signs so that doctors can act quickly and treat a patient. Poor teamwork in a medical office ends up hurting the patient. 

What Should I Expect From My Ophthalmologist?

You should expect your ophthalmologist to conduct a full examination and to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. Your doctor should inquire about your health history and any new developments or changes. If your doctor recommends a procedure, he or she should explain why it is necessary, its benefits and all related risks. Before you sign any documents, make sure to get your questions answered.

Your eye doctor should educate you on how to recognize specific symptoms and what they may indicate. You should know what needs to be immediately reported before a condition worsens.

If you had surgery or some other medical procedure, your doctor should meet with you during follow-up visits and perform a full evaluation. This is your opportunity to ask additional questions about subsequent treatments and to become educated on recognizing any potential problems that may develop. 

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