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A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of medical conditions and injuries by relying upon medical imaging. These images are usually made up of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), a CT (computed tomography) scan, x-rays, PET (positron emission tomography) scans and ultrasounds. Radiology errors are a common form of medical negligence and our firm can help if you suffered a serious injury.

Sometimes an error in radiology occurs when a radiologist fails to diagnose a fracture or fails to diagnosis cancer. When a radiologist fails to correctly interpret medical imaging, a patient could suffer serious injuries. If there was a critical radiology error in your case, our medical experts and lawyers will find it.

What Sort of Tests Do Radiologists Use?


A magnetic resonance imaging test uses radio waves and a magnetic field to see deep inside your body. This enables a radiologist to detect a medical condition, assess injuries and peer inside your brain.


A computed tomography exam is made up of intensive x-ray beams that penetrate your body and give the radiologist clearer information regarding a fracture, an infection or other condition.


A positron emission tomography exam uses nuclear medicine imaging to detect cancer or other serious conditions.


This is generally associated with looking inside the womb to examine a baby. However, ultrasounds are also used for other medical conditions including infections and tumors.

Why Do I Need A Radiologist?

Your primary doctor will refer you to a radiologist when additional information is needed to treat you. This information can only be discovered through the use of medical imaging tests. For example, a fracture, a torn ligament, tendon or muscle and cancer screening are often best detected through medical imaging.

Early detection of disease or some other medical condition is crucial in order to benefit from the latest advances in medicine. Often, the best way to obtain an early diagnosis of a treatable condition is through a PET scan or an MRI. We rely upon radiologists to closely examine and document what the medical imaging tests reveal and to immediately communicate that information to our primary doctor or our other specialist doctors. 

When Does Medical Negligence Related To Radiology Occur?

If a radiologist misinterprets a scan, and fails to order additional testing, the patient’s condition could worsen. This occurs when a radiologist fails to recognize what may turn out to be a cancerous tumor.

Errors sometimes occur in the identification of patients and procedures. Much like wrong-site surgeries occur sometimes, a radiologist errs when using medical imaging on a part of the body that was not scheduled for testing. In other instances, a failure of documentation may lead to imaging being performed on the wrong patient and results getting mixed up.

Radiology errors can include mislabeling medical imaging results which then leads to wrong-site surgeries. When radiology mislabels the results of a medical imaging examination, this form of medical negligence can cause many other problems such as delayed treatments. 

Poor communication among radiologists and other doctors may cause a patient to suffer. If a radiologist detects a serious medical condition in a patient but simply documents it rather than immediately conveying the information to another specialist, then the patient may suffer suffer a serious injury.

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