Diversity Visa Lottery Update

Last month, a federal court ordered the issuance of 9,095 diversity visas that had been reserved in 2020. The winners of the 2020 diversity visa lottery had been in limbo since the previous administration issued a proclamation that ended all processing of applications.

A lawsuit was filed that contested the immigration ban. The lawsuit also sought to provide relief for many family-related visa applicants, businesses and organizations that required temporary foreign workers to fill vacant jobs.

The court’s ruling found that the government’s policy of refusing to process diversity visa applications was unlawful and that its exclusion from “mission-critical” visa processing was an error. The court also found that the government unreasonably delayed adjudication of the visa applications. 

Thus, the court has ordered the government to process all of the reserved 9,095 diversity visas.

The court’s decision provides relief to thousands of diversity visa lottery winners who have waited far too long to fulfill their dreams of coming to the United States. 

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