Biden Lifts Ban on Visas

President Biden has revoked a temporary ban on green cards that had been imposed by the prior administration in its efforts to restrict immigration.

In April of 2020, the last administration suspended the issuance of green cards to some individuals attempting to enter the United States. The list of affected persons included family of current green card holders and parents and siblings of United States citizens. It also affected winners of the lottery system, amounting to thousands of individuals.

This policy of family separation was consistent with many of the prior administration’s efforts to curb immigration. The Biden administration has quickly seized on the opportunity to reverse these draconian policies and has sought to reunite families.  

In addition, President Biden’s decision helps increase the admission of global talent coming to work in the United States to offer their expertise in many important industries with critical-needs for labor.   

Finally, applicants that were selected to receive immigrant visas through the Fiscal Year 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery can now enter the United States. This amounts to some 7,000 winners who can safely enter the country and be reunited with their families. 

We can expect more changes from the Biden Administration in the coming weeks as it seeks to rescind many of the policies of its predecessor. And we continue to monitor the status of President Biden’s sweeping immigration reform bill which was formally introduced on Capitol Hill last month. The bill would increase employment-based visas. Businesses and other employers will be able to more easily attract global talent by bringing foreign workers to the United States based on a variety of visas.

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