Biden Welcomes Venezuelans

President Biden announced today that he is issuing Temporary Protected Status and employment authorizations to individuals from Venezuela living in the United States. This will eliminate the threat of deportation facing approximately 320,000 people. 

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas remarked upon the importance of this decision because it is “in times of extraordinary and temporary circumstances like these that the United States steps forward to support eligible Venezuelan nationals already present here, while their home country seeks to right itself out of the current crises.”

According to the United Nations, about 94 percent of Venezuelans live in poverty. Millions of people in Venezuela lack access to basic essentials such as food, water and medicine.

President Biden’s bold move today contrasts with the decision of the previous administration which refused to offer Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans in the United States despited repeated entreaties from high-level and exiled opposition Venezuelan leaders. In fact, the previous administration forcibly deported many Venezuelans.

In addition, the prior administration attempted to remove Temporary Protected Status to approximately 400,000 immigrants from various countries that currently work in the United States. The Temporary Protected Status program was created by Congress in 1990 to give safe-haven to many who fled their homeland due to wars and and natural disasters.

The leading opposition voice in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, who is the would-be Ambassador should Maduro’s government fall, called Biden’s decision “a just, urgent and necessary measure that is finally a reality.”

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