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Medical Malpractice Attorney Text now at 202-330-6290. Avoid the hassle of voicemails. You’ll always have a direct line to ask your lawyer any questions.

Click HERE to read about the importance of asking questions when you or someone you care about is hospitalized. Asking questions and vigilance are key to getting the care you deserve.

Many people are afraid to ask questions and they feel as if they are interrupting nurses and doctors. However, you should not feel this way. The number one advocate is you. If you don’t speak up for yourself, then no one will. Many medical errors occur because no one is asking the right questions. A patient or member of the family should not feel as if they are intruding. It is your right to get information. Similarly, make sure you or your family member is receiving the best care possible. If not, let someone know. Speak to a nurse or a doctor. And anyone who will listen to you.

If you believe that a health professional has not provided you with the care you expect or deserve, then you should speak to a lawyer immediately. Our firm has experience in representing patients in these sorts of cases.

You do not have to worry about not getting through on the phone. You do not have to worry about speaking to a receptionist over and over again. Instead, you can reach Miguel directly by texting him at 202-330-6290. He will always be available to answer your questions. While your case is pending, you can receive updates and have all of your concerns addressed by sending a text to your medical malpractice attorney.

Asking your nurse or doctor many questions is important. In addition, it is also important to reach your lawyer directly.

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