Abogado Inmigración Washington DC

Abogado Inmigración

Nuestras oficinas de Abogado Inmigración Washington DC están abiertas durante la emergencia de salud pública de coronavirus. Estamos aquí para responder sus preguntas e inquietudes relacionadas con la inmigración. Aunque no podemos darle la bienvenida en persona en este momento, llámenos al 202-330-6290 o por email en Estamos disponibles para consultas gratuitas por teléfonoRead moreRead more

Abogado de negligencia médica en DC

Si usted ha sido víctima de una negligencia médica, le ofrecemos una primera cita de manera totalmente gratuita. Abogado Negligencia Médica en DC Maryland. Somos abogados especializados en negligencias médicas. Contamos con los mejores expertos médicos para revisar su caso. En ocasiones, una negligencia médica se produce cuando un profesional sanitario actúa alejándose de los modelos o protocolos médicosRead moreRead more

Medical Malpractice: Objects Left in Patients and Sewage in Kitchen

Click above on the headline to read about terrifying news in a Houston hospital where the horrors just keep adding up. Patients have died due to improper and unsanitary blood transfusions and sewage and mold has been found in the hospital’s kitchen.

Medical Malpractice Attorney 202.330.6290

Medical Malpractice Attorney Text now at 202-330-6290. Avoid the hassle of voicemails. You’ll always have a direct line to ask your lawyer any questions. Click HERE to read about the importance of asking questions when you or someone you care about is hospitalized. Asking questions and vigilance are key to getting the care you deserve.Read moreRead more


A patient was unceremoniously discharged from Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C.  Rather than ensuring her safe return home, the patient was dumped from a wheelchair and left lying on the ground outside the hospital.  According to news reports, the hospital has paid out $27 million in medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits since 2007.Read moreRead more

Texas Cop Digs His Knee Into the Back of Unarmed 15-Year Old Girl

Cancel that Texas vacation. Another white police officer has used excessive force against a black teen.  This time it occurred in Texas and the victim was a 15-year old unarmed girl attending a pool party.  The police officer then pointed his gun at two young men who were coming to the girl’s aid.  Click hereRead moreRead more

DC Crime Lab Suspends DNA Testing

A national accreditation board has ordered the District of Columbia DNA laboratory to suspend all testing due to many irregularities and mistakes. This may result in the investigation of hundreds of Washington DC Criminal cases in which individuals were convicted of crimes based upon evidence tested at the lab. We will continue to monitor developmentsRead moreRead more

DC Mayor Wants Answers From DNA Lab

Full story here.

Reasonable Doubt: DNA Evidence In DC

Full story here.

Chelsea Fans On Paris Métro-Victim Traumatized

It’s 2015 but sometimes it seems like 1955. A businessman leaving work to return home to his family was victimized by racist soccer fans from England while attempting to ride the Paris Métro. This article describes the Parisian’s experience and has a link to the haunting video.